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company news about In winter, what matters should be paid attention to during construction of excavators?

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In winter, what matters should be paid attention to during construction of excavators?
Latest company news about In winter, what matters should be paid attention to during construction of excavators?

The sudden drop in temperature has been going on for some time, and if the temperature is used as the criterion, it is now winter. But the official beginning of winter is coming soon, and winter is coming soon!


Winter is coming. For the construction team, how can we ensure the better operation of construction machinery and equipment in winter? The following aspects are very important. Digging friends must pay attention to it!

1. Use is very important for lubricating oil

In cold seasons, fuel and lubricating oil should be selected according to the local minimum temperature. If the minimum temperature is above -10°C, minus 10 diesel can be used; if it is lower than -10°C, higher grade diesel should be used. In this way, poor engine oil supply caused by low temperature can be avoided, causing the excavator to fail to start and operate normally.


At the same time, the engine oil should be replaced with winter special oil according to the requirements of the excavator to reduce starting resistance and ensure lubrication. Due to the low temperature in winter, the viscosity of hydraulic oil increases, and the negative pressure of hydraulic pump suction increases, which will cause insufficient oil supply, which will affect the operating accuracy and sensitivity of the actuator. Therefore, when selecting, use the specified type of hydraulic oil .

2. Do a good job of preheating the excavator

Normally, when the engine is started at low temperature due to the high viscosity of the oil, the lubricating oil will be insufficient for a short period of time and cannot spread across the lubrication points. If the engine is running at high speed, it may cause crankshaft, camshaft and rocker shaft. Intensified wear and tear will cause serious accidents such as cylinder pulling and tile burning. The correct approach is: After the engine is started, run it at idle speed for a period of time, and then add load after the water temperature rises.


The same is true for the preheating of the hydraulic system. The temperature is too low and the viscosity of the hydraulic oil is high, which will cause difficulty in oil absorption, insufficient pump oil, and affect the strength and sensitivity of the actuator. If the load is added at this time, the copper hinge of the plunger pump plunger may be damaged due to too much negative pressure, causing a major accident. At the same time, because the lubrication of hydraulic parts also relies on hydraulic oil, if the pump oil is insufficient and the lubrication is poor, it will greatly affect the life of the pump and the motor. Therefore, after starting the engine, the hydraulic components should be operated several times without load, and all the actuators should be operated several times to ensure that the hydraulic oil passes through each hydraulic component to avoid construction accidents caused by the jamming of the control valve.


3. Check frequently and strengthen maintenance

As the temperature drops, the seals at the oil cylinder of the excavator, hydraulic pipe joints, etc. will crack and shrink, resulting in leaks due to inadequate sealing. The transmission connecting parts and bolts will also be affected by low temperature, resulting in a decrease in strength and rigidity, such as the water seal on the engine side. Water leakage from the cover, loosening of the drive shaft screw, falling off of the pin connection, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen inspections, find problems in time, eliminate hidden dangers, and avoid causing major failures.


At the same time, the maintenance work must be strengthened. Under low temperature conditions, the fluidity of the grease is poor, and the butter must be refilled in time. For water-cooled engines, it is necessary to change the antifreeze in time to avoid accidents of freezing and cracking the body and cooler. Strict inspections are required every day before and after construction to avoid man-made accidents, to ensure the normal operation of equipment, and to ensure normal construction in winter.



The above are some small details that need special attention in winter construction of excavators. Don't ignore them and pay attention to them.

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