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November 24, 2021

Both the excavator driver and the owner know that the main function of the excavator's water tank is to dissipate heat, thereby reducing the temperature of the engine.
From the perspective of the construction principle, if the temperature of the excavator engine is high, the thermostat will be turned on. At this time, the water pump will pump water and circulate repeatedly, so that the temperature of the excavator engine is lowered. (The composition of the water tank is one With hollow copper pipes, high-temperature water enters the water tank and is air-cooled and then circulates into the engine waterway) to protect the engine.
We often find that the water tank of the excavator engine is often short of water. The water just added on the first day will gradually be short of water on the second day. No matter what, we can't see where the problem is. Perhaps it is water leakage or there are other problems, so that most excavator drivers ignore this phenomenon and think that the normal construction of the excavator is enough. It is wrong to have this idea.

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In addition to the main water tank, there is also a secondary water tank. The function of this secondary water tank is that when the engine water temperature rises, the water in the water tank will flow into the secondary water tank due to thermal expansion and contraction until the temperature drops. It will flow into the water tank again, and this process will not cause water shortage. When there is water shortage in the water tank, the cooling capacity of the engine is greatly reduced, and the ultimate goal of protecting the engine is difficult to achieve. When this phenomenon occurs, it is necessary to check whether the auxiliary water tank is damaged or leaks.
Due to long-term work, scale will form in the water tank, which will reduce the heat dissipation capacity of the water tank to a certain extent, leading to high temperature of the engine, holding back the engine and even boiling the water. In this way, the engine is often injured, so we have to work every other time. Check the heat dissipation capacity of the water tank, or use the original pure antifreeze to replace it. The cooling effect of the antifreeze is much better than that of water, and it is not easy to produce scale. It is still necessary to choose a regular antifreeze. Do not mix water and antifreeze. , It will increase the risk of water tank blockage. If the water tank fails to dissipate heat normally, the water tank needs to be cleaned at this time.
We turn on the water drain switch of the radiator and unscrew the water drain plug on the engine block to drain the liquid inside, then close the switch and install the plug, and add water and some scale cleaner to the radiator, available in the parts store on the market. Generally available, the ratio of water to cleaning agent should be appropriate, do not add too much, too much will not be cleaned at once and increase the cleaning burden. Then start the engine to idling at a speed slightly higher than the idle speed. When the water temperature reaches the green state, continue to run the engine for about ten minutes.

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After the engine is turned off, the water drain switch is turned on and the cylinder block is blocked, and the cooling system is continuously flushed with water until the discharged water is clean. In order to prevent the water tank from generating scale and reducing the heat dissipation effect of the radiator, and to ensure that the engine works within the normal temperature range, the antifreeze should be replaced once a year or 2000 hours. The antifreeze fluid is corrosive when it reaches the operating temperature of the engine. It is rusty, corroded, or frozen. Please use the antifreeze fluid produced by the original factory or a regular enterprise.

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